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About Me

Hello there.  I am Wired & Witty :)

You read it correct.  Some of you might know me as Mrs. Hot Wings over on Weddingbee.  I have a long ways to go on my wedding day recaps and an even further way to go to get this blog looking and feeling like something I actually want to maintain for all of you can enjoy.

Excuses aside, I’ll just welcome all of you to my internet home.  I am a lifestyle blogger who focuses on a technology enhanced, socially connected, and fashion forward life.  This is where I hope to spend some of my wired hours… maybe while I’m wired on some coffee.  I plan to write about one of my true loves: technology.  I will give you reviews of my latest toys, newest software, and my love for finding and using freeware.

This will be where I try to unleash some wittiness.  Although I cannot promise that I have much to offer, I will admit that it sounded like a much better title than weird, wise, or wonky; all of which are probably better descriptions of who I am.  Nevertheless, I will give use this space to write social commentary about the world that so often pisses me off and simultaneously amuses and impresses me.

And while I cannot promise that I will be “well-dressed” as I write for you.  I do promise to write about the world of a young professional who enjoys and even on some days tries to be well-dressed.  I can’t promise fashionable in a trendy, swoon-over-my-clothes kind of way.  But I will try to write about my struggles in fashion and my few wins.  I do not proclaim to know much about fashion and being well-dressed, but I do hope to share my trials and triumphs on my quest to be well-dressed.

Lastly, it is not captured in my blog title, but I intend to write about my love for creative organizing and re-purposing of household goods.

Join me won’t you?  I don’t know where we will end up, but the journey will be interesting.  No promises that interesting is good, but interesting will hopefully be entertaining for all of us.

  1. Fossil is my all-time favorite purse maker. Try looking at this one, you can fit your phone and a set of keys along with other personal items.

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