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Blogging Grammar Goofs

November 9, 2012

via copyblogger


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  1. nkat0504 permalink

    Ha, new follower here (I’m a current Weddingbee blogger and found you through another Weddingbee blogger’s blog) and I absolutely love this illustration: some of them are really easy to remember, but English is such a confusing language that I know even I (an English minor!) forget some of them sometimes. I’m especially bad at affect/effect, especially when I had to write them both at least 20 times each in a grant I was working on!

    • @nkat0504 Thanks for stopping by! Grammar is so so hard, especially when you’re just trying to get things up quickly.  I totally understand.

  2. kellyloygilbert permalink

    I will (shamefully) admit to mis- and overusing ‘literally’ … sigh.  The one that really gets me, though, that I never see popping up on these lists is ‘everyday’ versus ‘every day.’  I wonder if it’ll be one of those things (like ‘nonplussed’) whose incorrect usage gets so frequently misused it just gets incorporated into our lexicon.

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