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Eggplant Purple Bedroom Painting & Stencil Reveal

November 8, 2012

When I left off with the home decorating, we had a cozy bedroom with a plush rug and new euro pillows, but we had grown tired of the latte brown walls.  Our dark brown bedroom set, the dark vanity, chocolate brown curtains, and an ivory beige rug all made for some ugly brown throw up party.

I had this genius idea that an eggplant purple would liven up the party while keeping to our vintage modern chic design palate.  I knew it would be dark, but that’s okay.  It’s the bedroom.  Bedrooms are suppose to be dark, right?  All the better to create cozy sleeping conditions.

As soon as I opened the can of Benjamin Moore Natura paint (all natural and zero VOC), I was nervous.  That was some freaking purple paint.  Had I swatched it up? No.  I used the online Benjamin Moore software to pick a color out of laziness and time constraints.

As soon as it went up, I got scared.  It’s dark!  It almost looked like a purple-tinted black.  Scary, but there was no going back.  We were over all that painting.

I was scared.  I thought it looked better than the latte, but I wasn’t sure it was THE color.

That’s when the stenciling came into play.  I always knew that I wanted to stencil the back wall of the bedroom.  I also really hoped it might brighten the dark purple (really it felt black-purple).

I went with the Diamond Damask stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I also picked up their stencil kit pictured below.

I used Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Antique Gold from Home Depot.

And it immediately started looking awesome!

Ta-da!  All done!

And scared turned into love!

I am so so very in love with this room now.  We had a house warming right after we finished this wall, and many people thought we wallpapered this wall.  The metallic paint is really awesome on this dark eggplant purple!  Really awesome.  The gold looks shinier when the light hits it.  I seriously can’t find the mistakes I thought I had made while stenciling. The design is very smart.  I’m super impressed with how this turned out.

And a side by side for your viewing pleasure.

It’s not for everyone, but it makes me feel like a bold designer!

Would you consider having a super dark room?


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  1. PalindromeatHome permalink

    Wow! Love that gold stenciling! Sometimes It’s so hard to trus your vision during the process, but so glad you did in this case. It turned out awesome.

  2. It looks fabulous Nellie!! I loved the colour before…but this is so much better.  It cozies up the room.  And the design on the wall finishes it.  Very nice.

  3. laurenann05 permalink

    I think it looks great!!  I really love the stenciling on the back wall!

  4. nodakademic permalink


  5. FizzandFrosting permalink

    Wow. I love the stenciling! It really adds something special!

  6. mrsjyw permalink

    Beautiful! LOVE the paint color and the stenciling?! GOREGOUS!!!

  7. loverenovations permalink

    Oh my goodness, LOVE! We have a really dark color in our master bedroom and I love it – it makes it feel very cozy and relaxing!

  8. HandcraftedLife permalink

    I love it! That stencil in the metallic really makes the room pop!

  9. sarahontheroad permalink

    …this looks amazing! Love the purple colour…and the stencil is perfect on that wall…makes the bed pop!

  10. RaechelDenise permalink

    omg! i wish i could see your place in person. this looks AMAZING!!!

  11. SheLikesRuffles permalink

    Wow – the stencil really did make the wall pop! So fun 🙂

  12. minaakim permalink

    i know this is late, but to echo the others, wow this looks amazing! you guys did a fabulous job.

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