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Day 25 – Bright [October Photo Challenge]

October 25, 2012

My big girl Jade learned a new trick recently.  She’s so “bright”.  She can bat paper balls now.  Even better, she can actually play fetch with those little balls.  Sadly, fetch doesn’t make for the most interesting photos.

Tomorrow’s prompt is “new”.  Can’t wait to see what’s new around you.

(1) Self Portrait, (2) Fashion, (3) Home, (4) Love, (5) Sunset, (6) Animal, (7) From a Distance, (8) Close Up, (9) Upside Down, (10) Favorite, (11) From Up High, (12) Hands, (13) Seat, (14) Silhouette, (15) Accomplishment, (16) Edible, (17) Shadow, (18) Corner, (19) Noise, (20) Nature, (21) Air, (22) Bokeh, (23) Dark, (24) Black & White



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One Comment
  1. leahdonaldsonphotography permalink

    Too cute! Cats are sooooo clever!

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