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Day 21 – Air [October Photo Challenge]

October 21, 2012

It’s day 21 and something is in the AIR.  Do you feel it?  Do you see it?

Tomorrow is Bokeh Day.  If you don’t know how to get bokeh, here are a couple links for creating a DIY bokeh, and a more general bokeh how to.

(1) Self Portrait, (2) Fashion, (3) Home, (4) Love, (5) Sunset, (6) Animal, (7) From a Distance, (8) Close Up, (9) Upside Down, (10) Favorite, (11) From Up High, (12) Hands, (13) Seat, (14) Silhouette, (15) Accomplishment, (16) Edible, (17) Shadow, (18) Corner, (19) Noise, (20) Nature

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One Comment
  1. Mrs Landrum permalink

    Oh man, I sure do miss fall and all the gorgeous colors that come with it!

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