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Cozing Up the Love Nest

October 20, 2012

The last time we visited the bedroom (aka the love nest), we had added that vanity. We finally paid it a bit more attention and added some softness.

This is the Hand-woven Ultimate Cream/Beige Shag rug (8’x10′) from

Now turn it up a notch one more time…

Do you see what changed?

We finally got some pillows to put inside our Euro Shams!  Don’t they add some richness and comfort to the bed?  I love how they add to the bed and how they feel!

The biggest problem with this room right now is the wall color.  Originally, we wanted to use this room as the office.  So we decided not to paint it.  The day before officially moving in, we changed our minds and made it the bedroom.  The brown walls with our brown curtains and the dark brown furniture is just overwhelming.  It’s like brown threw up on the room. A paint job is definitely in our future.


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  1. Very nice!  It makes such a different with the carpet and extra pillow! Wow.

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