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The Worlds Smallest Mudroom

October 17, 2012

In my October Photography Challenge post this morning for “From Up High“, I shared a photo of our mudroom from above.

When you first come in our front door, you are greeted by our staircase.  It isn’t the most ideal feng shui situation, but we’ve followed a couple rules to try to help with the flow of energy here.  We’ve created a mudroom/landing area to help move the energy away from the door and leaving our home.

Looking directly over to your left, you see our Hemne shoe cabinet from Ikea.  For the moment, she is stylized with a hand embroidered piece of framed art we got from Vietnam, a ceramic bowl wedding gift, and some faux flowers for color.

For better flow of energy we added a house plant.  House plants are alive.  So they give off energy.  This will help to give us energy flow into the home.  We also have a small geode to help reflect and scatter the energy back around the entrance.  This is suppose to help keep the energy that flows down to the door from leaving our home.

Lastly, we have a small antique stool that we bought from the Davis Square Flea Market this summer.  We sit on this little stool each morning to put our shoes on and each evening to take our shoes off.  Perfect for this tiny little space.

Still on the To Do List for this space:

  • paint to match the upstairs
  • put up the coat rake
  • get umbrella holder
  • a basket to hold gloves in the winter
  • a mirror for last minute face check before leaving
  • pretty doormat
  • boot tray for winter
  • hang art piece on wall

Do you have any other must haves in a mudroom that we should consider for this super small space?


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  1. laurenann05 permalink

    Good job on maximizing the space that you have!  In our apartment we had a very small area near our door that I filled with a small half table for items like the dog leash and bags and a mirror with hooks to hang our keys.

  2. loverenovations permalink

    You’ve definitely done a great job with the little space you have! We don’t have any sort of mudroom at all, so I definitely feel you on the lack of space!

  3. sunnydebs permalink

    I don’t have a mudroom—just an entry hall where I put a small side table with a candy dish on top (for Halloween) and a basket of shoes underneath.  We do have a coat closet though.  Do you?  BTW—I saw the teal piggy bank you blogged about last week at Target and it has a big white question mark on the side.  Did you know that?  It looks kind of random!

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