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How to Hide the Kitty Litter

October 15, 2012

From Good Pet Stuff, I discovered this genius idea.  Notice how large it is?  As Xena and Jade explored their new litter box, I noticed that they could both fit inside very comfortably.  The top half separates from the bottom half, but I only take it apart if I need to add more litter.  Otherwise, I just scoop through the entry way.  It’s definitely large enough.

I’m pretty pleased with the fake plant, too.  It’s a little sparse, but it looks good.  I think I’ll buy some more greenery from the craft store to add to it.  For now, I’m pretty happy with this solution.  We can actually keep the closet door closed if we want to.

If you recall, our tiny closet use to hold both of their litter boxes.  We left one of the old litter boxes in the closet, and cleared the other one away in the basement.  We are beginning to clear out that closet a little bit and can see the floor again.

Isn’t it so much better than the situation we had before?


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  1. loverenovations permalink

    I always love seeing creative solutions for things like this! We all have to have these not-so-cute types of things in our homes, but it’s so much better when you can make them look good! Love it!

    • @loverenovations I totally agree, especially when you have either a small space or an awkward space to work with.

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