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Day 12 – Hands [October Photo Challenge]

October 12, 2012

Put your hands up on it…  These are the little hands that I see coming through the door every time I close a door in our home.  So I went in the bathroom, closed the door, and waited for my little girl Xena to stick her hand under the door.  She’s silly like that.

Then you quickly open the door with camera in hand, and you get to see her silly face all shocked!  She’s the cutest.

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(1) Self Portrait, (2) Fashion, (3) Home, (4) Love, (5) Sunset, (6) Animal, (7) From a Distance, (8) Close Up, (9) Upside Down, (10) Favorite, (11) From Up High



From → Cat, Photography

  1. minaakim permalink

    oh my goodness, just look at those dainty little fuzzy paws.

  2. HandcraftedLife permalink

    Oh, this photo just made me smile! What a little cutie!

  3. sunnydebs permalink


  4. leahdonaldsonphotography permalink

    Aw they are the cutest!

  5. love4alex1998 permalink

    Squeeze my heart why won’t you!!  Kitty pawpaws…adorable.  And look at that innocent face, “what!??” haha

  6. Hemborgwife permalink

    That is so adorable!!

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