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Tom's Calypso Canvas Wedge [review]

October 11, 2012

My most recent addition to the show closet, these Toms Black Calypso Canvas Wedge from Nordstrom.

Fit: They are true to size.  I normally wear a 5.5, and these fit perfectly.  They are incredibly comfortable.  The sole is much more comfortable than I expected.  The elastic on the front keeps it snug and comfortable.  My only complaint is that they are starting to feel a bit loose in the back after about 3 weeks of pretty regular wear.  I will probably add a heel hugger as they continue to stretch.

Look: They are definitely casual shoes.  The black canvas allows me to wear them to work and can be somewhat professional.  However, I much prefer these as a casual shoe.

Cost & Quality: In my humble opinion, these are a nice quality compared to the Classic Toms.  Of course, the classics are only $44.  The Calypsos cost $69.

Most interestingly is the Toms company.  I’m in love with Tom’s One for One Movement.  In short, they will give a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes sold, they will give a pair of shoes to a child in need.  It is this concept that I find the cost/quality ratio okay.  The company may not be perfect, but I’m happy to put my money toward companies that are giving back.

Are you a Tom’s wearer?


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  1. ml281505 permalink

    I love Toms- mainly for the comfort! I ended up getting a pair of white crochet ones as backup wedding shoes- and my feet were SO happy in them all night!

    • @ml281505 I really loved those!  If you don’t mind me asking, how are they to keep clean?

      • ml281505 permalink

        @OurWiredLives  I really have only worn them that night (it was only 2 weeks ago), and they weren’t too dirty after that! I haven’t really thought about how I’m going to clean them though…my guess is a little OxyClean or something like that will work!

  2. nerdyapril permalink

    wow, it really looks comfy! Sadly I’ve never seen Toms in SG before, I must keep a lookout!

  3. Hemborgwife permalink

    I am a huge TOMS fan, I have had the original in black, red, and navy blue and have the same black wedges as you!

    • @Hemborgwife Great minds think alike on them wedges huh?  I totally wanted the wedges in red too.  I’m not a huge fan of how the flats look on my feet, but that’s a me-issue not a Toms issue.

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