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Target's Curiosity Shoppe

October 9, 2012

Elizabeth from Lean & Loaf reported on the Curiosity Shoppe items that she saw on her last Target run.  They’re kitschy and not exactly my style.  I already have a lot of stuff I need to get to the donation center.  But then I saw this blue piggy bank!  How sweet is it?

Right now, we’re holding all our spare change in an old and not very decorative clear plastic container. One benefit is that I can easily open it up, find the quarters I need for parking, and close it up again.  Con, it is ugly and sits inside a cabinet.

This piggy is sweet and practical, but it won’t be easy to fish out them quarters.  Maybe the quarters just don’t go into little piggy, right?

Do I need it?


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  1. DebbieSavage permalink

    Obviously if you are questioning it, you don’t need it but you are looking for validation.  It is cute, but it is a pain to get coins out of a piggy bank like that.  Maybe upgrade your plastic coin jar to a mason jar?  Still cheap and easy to use, but more attractive!

    • @DebbieSavage good point.  I think you’re right, go with practical and a bit more attractive!  Thanks for weighing in!

  2. minaakim permalink

    it’s terribly cute, and a step up from the ziploc bag we are using!

    • @minaakim I know, right?  I need to remind myself that cute is sometimes not enough of a reason to buy.  I hope your ziploc doesn’t rip 😉

  3. loverenovations permalink

    I think it’s adorable! I’ve always wanted a “classic” piggy bank!

  4. kreatedbykristi permalink

    I think it’s adorable but Debbie makes a really going point!

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