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Furniture in the Living & Dining Room

October 2, 2012

After fixing our painting issues the first AND the second time, we got to adding furniture! Finally! We have a combo living room / dining room.  Well, maybe that’s a big of a stretch.  Our room is better described as a regular sized living room that we have stretched to include a dining area.

From the kitchen looking into the room…

*pardon the mess there.  Luckily we got some great Craigslist finds and got to switch out that side table we have been using to hold our TV for the last FIVE years!

I think it definitely looks more polished and put together with the media console!  Thank goodness for Craigslist sellers who need to quickly move good quality furniture at very reasonable prices.  We paid $100 for this Crate & Barrel console.

Now over to that dining area…

Aww, more Craigslist buys! That Crate & Barrel wine cabinet came from the same seller as the media console.  We actually got 2 of these cabinets for $100.  I’ll show you were the other cabinet landed another time.

For the dining area, I knew we needed something small.  I wanted to differentiate the dining area from the living room area as much as possible in this small space, so I searched for a bar stool height table and stools.  The round stools we’ve had, and the one with the seat cushion came with the set.  Two sides of the round circle fold down to seat 2.

Not a great photo, but it shows how small large that room is.  I’m pretty happy with how the room is coming along and its ability to hold 2 different functioning areas.  The search for rugs to really define the space definitely has ensued.  I’ll share that with you real soon.

Okay, that couch! It’s the Margot from Crate & Barrel.

I hadn’t realized it before, but Crate & Barrel is the theme in this room. We went with the Margot because she’s petite and feminine, yet structured.  We had problems getting our old overstuffed couches into our built in the 1900s condo, so it has been really important that our furniture and appliances be on the smaller end. I think it’s really helping us use our space more efficiently.

The pillow are all left over from our old couch.  I’ll consider new ones as we really  start to decorate.  Big things first though.  There aren’t many personal touches yet, but I’m going to let that happen with time.


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  1. laurenann05 permalink

    Good craigslist finds, love that tv console!

  2. loverenovations permalink

    I think it looks great! I like how the wall color looks with furniture in there! 🙂

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