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It's a Boy!

September 27, 2012

That is what our newly painted living room is screaming.  And I’m not even freaking pregnant!  Gerrr-rate says the Frosted Flakes Tiger.  It’s so bright!


We used Benjamin Moore’s Polar Sky.  I expected it to look like this above photo, but I instantly knew there was a major problem.  It looked like a nursery!  It definitely wasn’t the slate blue-gray that would give us a nudge of old school vintagey feel.  Instead, we ended up with more blue than gray.  What to do?

We quickly headed back to our local store and they helped so so much!  I was hoping to get more white in the paint and go lighter.  Apparently, you can’t go lighter.  If you alter paint, you can only go darker.  So our paint specialist added grey into the paint slowly and showed me swatches after each re-tint.  I love him!

Here, you can see the new more grey blue on top of our nursery blue.  I felt better already!

And here we are with the final coat all over.  It’s definitely still blue, but a tad less bight and nursery like.

What do you think?  Can you see this color looking adult and working with our modern vintagey chic feel?


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  1. Mrs Landrum permalink

    I actually really like that color!  It looks so nice and airy.  And once you bring in furniture and decorations nobody in their right mind would call it a nursery, haha =)

  2. loverenovations permalink

    I really like the new color! It’s very airy and um, gorgeous! I think it will look amazing once you get everything in there!

  3. HandcraftedLife permalink

    I like it! Much less pastel and more grey the second time around. With furniture, for sure it’s going to look great!

  4. sugarspicelivin permalink

    I like it.  And 90% of our walls in our house are more blue and I wanted gray! But I am way too tired of painting to repaint. 

  5. happilyeveranthro permalink

    I really like what you did here!! Great job!! 

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