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MyTouch 4g vs. MyTouch 3g Slide

September 20, 2012

I’ve been using the My Touch phones for several years now.  I’m on my second My Touch phone and still loving it.  I’m not much of an Apple fan (a lot of people have tried to convert me).  I enjoy being about to use a lot of different brands.

I first went to the My Touch 3g Slide because I wanted to have a slide out keyboard.  Switching over to the My Touch 4g, which does not have a slide out keyboard, has definitely been a transition.  Even so, I’ve grown and am totally fine without the keyboard.

You can see that the 4g is definitely longer than the 3g.  Otherwise, it looks virtually the same.

thickness comparisonThe thickness is where the big difference lay.  The 3g is much thicker.  Obviously, the slide out keyboard requires a thicker profile. I’m really enjoying the thin profile of the 3g.  The longer length doesn’t bother me at all.

I’ve had the 4g for almost a year with no problems and zero regrets.  I highly recommend it as an upgrade to the 3g.  I don’t miss the slide out keyboard and the faster speed of the 4g is definitely worth it.

Are you an Android smart phone user?


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