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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf [repost]

September 18, 2012

*repost from one year ago*

To usher in the cold air, let’s all watch this wonderful video by Wendy’s Look Book.  As some of you know, I use to blog about fashion.  While I’m not exactly a fashionista, I do pride myself on being about to use the internet to learn about and incorporate fashion into my life.  This video is one example of this.  She shows us 25 ways to wear our scarf in a really entertaining video.

Wendy’s video is successful because she shows us 25 unique ways of wearing a scarf.  More importantly, she has a concise and well-edited video.  Too many people are putting together videos that are informative, but overloaded with unnecessary commentary and junk.  It’s a waste of time and internet space.  I like Wendy’s video because it is to-the-point AND informative.

Here are my favorites with screen shots and their timestamps.

(1) The Infinity (@ 1 minute mark)

(2)The Waterfall (@ 2:10 mark)

(3) The Magic Trick (@ 2:36 mark)

(4) The Fake Knot (@ 2:46 mark)

(5) The Key Tie (@ 3:18 mark)

(6) The Braid (@3:25 mark)

Who needs a fashion magazine or book when you have people like Wendy to create and share their knowledge online?  What other fashion resources have you found online?


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  1. Hemborgwife permalink

    Thanks for posting this, it is so much colder here and this will help keep me entertained for cold weather dressing!

  2. FizzandFrosting permalink

    Yay! This post could not have been timed more perfectly with our unseasonably cooler weather this week! I can’t wait to try some of these!

  3. lifeonmarsblog permalink

    I saw this a couple of months ago and just thought it was so cute. I can’t imagine how long it took her to film that whole video. I would have gotten so confused on which box I should be looking at 🙂 Thanks for the reminder! I love fall scarfs!

  4. I’ve been so excited about scarf season! So glad this re-post was helpful.

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