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The Painting Party Crashers

September 13, 2012

So nothing in home renovating ever goes as planned, right?  Right!

Because you’ll be going along your merry little way when a bubble decides to show up.

Then the one bubble brings her friends to the party.

You try to break up the party one by one…

until you realize there is a much bigger issue underneath.

.. a much much bigger issue.

Take a guess.  I dare you.  What do you think happened?



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  1. heartonhomestead permalink

    Something to do with oil based versus water based paint? The same thing happened in our bathroom 😦

  2. lduncan permalink

    Painted over wallpaper? That happened to us in one of our spare rooms.  I didn’t even notice the seams until I saw a few bubbles when half-way done with the room.  Luckily, they are in a areas that are covered by furniture.  I wasn’t about to deal with tearing down wallpaper that was now painted over!

  3. PalindromeatHome permalink

    This looks really familiar – when we had bubbles like that, it was actually water leaking into the house because a blocked drain pipe outside.  For your sake, I hope it’s not that!

  4. lifeonmarsblog permalink

    Oh no!!! It has to be some sort of bonding issue right? it doesn’t look like the walls had recent spackling (which I’ve had an issue with bubbling over smooth spackle). What happened?

  5. nodakademic permalink

    I’m thinking the walls were a little oily/greasy (i.e. not totally clean)? This happened in our bathroom and I blamed it on old condensated soap/bathroom products that I had failed to completed clean from the walls.

  6. HandcraftedLife permalink

    Oh no! Don’t tell me you guys have a moisture problem now too!

  7. laurenann05 permalink

    I hope it’s not a leaking issue!

  8. There is a somewhat correct answer among you, but you’ll all have to wait to hear about it in the next post 😉

  9. loverenovations permalink

    Oh man, I haven’t seen that issue before! Can’t wait to hear what it was – hope it was easy to resolve!

  10. loverenovations permalink

    Oh man, I haven’t seen that issue before! Can’t wait to hear what it was – hope it was easy to resolve!

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