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Prime, Seal, Deliver

September 12, 2012

Let’s play a little catch up, shall we?

A lot of painting happened before we started moving our furniture and other boxes of crap things into the new place.  So while we demolished our bathroom, we were also painting, painting, and painting.

The only experience I had with painting involved the time when I painted my room as a teenager.  At that time, I was convinced that I would come back around to paint the edge next to the ceiling… and it never happened.  My parents still remind me of that failure to complete.  Oops.

I showed you the crazy number of samples we tried already.  After we decided on colors, it was time to prime.  We went with a straight white primer.  All our paints are Benjamin More Natura.  They’re all natural paints with zero VOC.  Expensive, but well worth it.

Above is the living room looking at our back door. Next is the living room facing the kitchen and hallway.

The hallway.

The kitchen.

and the office/2nd bedroom.  We originally planned to use this room as the bedroom and the larger room as the office, but we later changed our mind.  That’s why our master is still the original way too brown color you saw in the last post with the vanity.

And THAT was a whole day and then some.  We only did one layer of primer to cover up the coral in the kitchen, butter yellow in the living room/hall ways, and brown in the bedroom but you’ll see how it worked out in the next post.

Do you prime before you paint color?


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  1. laurenann05 permalink

    We’re planning on doing the majority of the painting before moving our stuff in, I think that’s such a smart plan if you have the chance.  So far we’ve only painted with the paint and primer in one type of paints.  We’ve also only painted rooms that were white to begin with, so I don’t know if that factors in as well.

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