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Leave a Mark on Your Home

September 11, 2012

Let’s go back to that shower remodeling we did.  There was one piece of it that I forgot to tell you about.  Our “mark”!  When we got all the way down to the studs, we noticed that someone had written “This old house on a piece of wood.  Sorry, I somehow forgot to photograph it.  This reminded me that we should probably do the same.  The first markers didn’t leave a date.  We left the year so that the next renovators will see when we put up this shower.  I am pretty excited about this mark.  It’s like a dirty little secret we have back there.

From a bit further away…

Our mark is right below the window.

When you remodel, do you leave your mark?  Do tell.


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  1. Hemborgwife permalink

    Love that, at my grandparents house the table leaf was only put in for Christmas so my grandpa and I used to crawl under the table and in the dust put our initials and the year!

    •  @Hemborgwife oh my gosh, that is so sweet.  It’s always these small moments that are so memorable and wonderful, aren’t they.  I really hope to be able to create memories like that one day.

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