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Antique Vanity Stylized

September 10, 2012

Let’s get back to that antique vanity I picked up from a college student moving back to California and with no way to transport her vanity. Even with her imperfections, she has beautiful style and adornments.

One day, I think I’ll take a sander to her and get her restored to her original beauty.  I didn’t feel like these marks took away from her beauty and potential!  And for the price, it couldn’t be beat.

Here, you can see the beautiful pulls on her.  Look at that detail.  I needed to use my flash to take this photo.  You can see that the wood has some grime that needs to be removed, but that’s an easy task.

The casters on the legs are even made of wood.  So you know this piece is old!

That mirror.  It looks streaked, and it is.  But it isn’t the bad kind.  It’s the kind that shows that this is a truly old piece.  I couldn’t find a date on it, but the mirror definitely has a silver back and it’s wear is showing.  I’ve considered having it re-silvered or a new piece of mirror cut for it, but it’s not bad enough that I can’t use it.  I kind of like the old school feel of the streaking.

Some sources say that the piece would lose its value if I changed out the mirror.  I’m not really into this piece for the value or money.  It’s really just for my enjoyment, so I’m happy to just use and love it.

Here she is stylized.

On the left we have a little decor, our wedding photo, and some faux flowers I had in another room.

In the middle there is a wooden tray.  It’s actually the old lid to our wine and love letters ceremony box with some items that I use frequently. I have my Tom’s deodorant, Olay nighttime moisturizer, Trader Joe’s daytime mooisturizer, watch, and some jewelry cases.

The right size houses my jewelry box.

I know the trend is to paint pieces like this for a shabby chic look.  I’m not really a shabby chic gal, though.  I’m more of a modern and antique eclectic mix gal.  Here’s the bedroom so far.  We really want to paint the walls.  It’s all far too brown.  Maybe a light gray will brighten it all up.

What do you think of the modern meets antique look?  What’s our style?


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  1. lifeonmarsblog permalink

    Love this! With something so beautiful on it’s own, it doesn’t need too much styling. You did just the right amount.

  2. HandcraftedLife permalink

    This looks so pretty all styled! And I love the detailed edge of the mirror. Such a beautiful piece.

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