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Sneak Peek – Antique Vanity

August 30, 2012

Antique Vanity found on Craigslist Boston

I am super excited to share this little beauty with all of you! I found her on craigslist, stuffed her into our Oldsmobile Aurora, and brought her home. She’s perfectly imperfect. I knew I had to have her the moment I saw her. For a mere $50, I have a new place to get my vanity on!


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  1. PalindromeatHome permalink

    What a great find! It’s so cute and such a steal – I love craigslist for this very reason and troll it almost every day.

    •  @PalindromeatHome I’ve become quite the Craigslist troll myself!  I’ve got a couple more “finds” to share.  Ekk.. can’t wa’it.

  2. Hemborgwife permalink

    Super cute, it is very much my dream to have a vanity one day!

  3. loverenovations permalink

    Wow! Gorgeous – I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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