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Grout Line Colors

August 9, 2012

Can you see the difference?

LEFT side of this photo shows tiles that have no grout.

RIGHT side of this photo shows tiles that have the same color grout as the tile.

It almost seems like the tile lines disappear. On the one hand, yay for being able to hide our little imperfections.  On the other hand, does it still look like subway tiles?

What do you think?  Here’s a clean photo to look.


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  1. laurenann05 permalink

     Without looking really closely it looks like one continuous piece on the right side, but looking close I can almost make out the subway pattern.

    •  @laurenann05 Yay.  I’m glad you can still see the pattern.  It would have felt like such a waste if you couldn’t.

  2. loverenovations permalink

    It definitely is hard to see the lines on the right side, but I think that’s partially just because of the way the photo shows on my computer screen. I’m always, always, always a huge fan of dark grout with subway tile, though!

    •  @loverenovations I really love the gray grout too!  For a first time tiler though, I had so many mistakes that we are really glad we went with the white.  I’ll definitely keep admiring the gray grout on pinterest though 😉

  3. lifeonmarsblog permalink

    Wow! You can barely see the tile at all on the right! It looks like a white wall except where the light catches the tile at the bottom. I think in person you could probably tell it was still subway tile, but I probably prefer the grout that you can see (which surprises me because without seeing this picture, I’d definitely say… make the grout match!”

    •  @lifeonmarsblog Yeah.  Thankfully, we are happy that this is hiding our flaws.  In person you can definitely see the lines of the tile, but the look is definitely more “clean” than it is “subway” if that makes any sense.  Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think before going fore the home renovation you should ask the landlord. So that landlord pay for it..Because its not your property its a others property that is why landlord should pay for it..

    •  @bathroom fitters London This is true if you are a renter.  However, we are condo owners and do not have to ask for permission.

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