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{Tutorial} Caulking Clean Lines

August 8, 2012

When you’re done tiling.  You want to wait for the thinset to dry completely.  Follow the instructions on your bag of thin set.  During the waiting period, I went through the gaps between the tiles to make sure the grout lines were clean and ready for grout to be added.

We caulked the corners and edges before grouting. To get a clean caulk line do the following:

(1) Tape the edges so that only the area you want to caulk is left showing.  We used the same masking tape we used for painting.

(2) Pipe a nice bead of caulk though the space you left for between the masking tape.

(3) Use your finger and pull it down the bead to smooth it out.

(4) Wash your finger off with soap and water in a bucket.

(5) Immediately remove the masking tape while the caulk is still wet.  If you wait until the caulk dries, the tape will pull some of the caulk out.

Ta-Da! Clean straight grout lines!


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