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Tiling Shower Surround

August 6, 2012
Babies Xena and Jade know how to supervise.

These darn pretty fur babies kept wanting to come into our little work space to sit in the shower.  Such family cats they are.  Either that or freaky micro-managers that love to look over our shoulders and judge our crafts-person-ship.

After Demolition and Rebuilding the Shower, we could finally begin re-tiling the shower.

EXCITING!  This is the part that I really wanted to do.

That first row took forever to get straight and level.  I think I could have gone faster had I not measured and checked my level on EVERY.SINGLE.TILE.  Obsessive much?

Here’s the progress…

This Freaking Window!

This window drove us nuts at every step! Every.Step I tell you.  We decided to create this frame.  Isn’t it pretty?

Well, it took us an entire day to get right.  That cutting and re-cutting and some cursing, a little giving up, getting re-motivated, and cutting some more.

This is as far as we got before leaving for a scheduled trip to visit the in-laws and attend a professional conference in Chicago.

to be continued…


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  1. It’s looking great so far! And I love that you have kitty helpers, we often have supervisors too 🙂

  2. laurenann05 permalink

    It’s looking good!!

  3. What’s up with cats in the tub? I’ve never been in our large soaking tub, but Oliver routinely lays in it. It always makes me wonder what he would think if it was filled up one day!

  4. very impressive work! love that the kitties want to be at the center of it all.

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