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4 Ways to Photograph Your Pet

March 26, 2012

I have found my two kitties to be the most available and willing models.  They don’t quite understand what I’m doing, nor what the camera is.  Yet, they don’t seem to mind.  They sit nice and still.  And they stare straight into the camera.  It’s amazing.  I figured it would be good to think about ways that we photograph our pets and think about our technique with these non-human size family members.  Here are some different perspectives to take when photographing your pet or other animal.

(1) At the pet’s eyelevel.  Like most photography, you want to get down and on the same level as your model.  With the exception of one of these techniques, all require the photographer to get down on the same level as the animal being photographed.  Work them knees y’all.

via Daily Puppy

(2) A Side Profile.  There is no reason why your sweetie pie can’t look statuesque too!  You might have to sneak up on your furbaby to get this shot, but it will make for a nice silhouette.

via Jay Woodworth on flickr

(3) Up Close & Personal.  There are three different ways to take an up close and personal shot.  You can physically move up and close to the kitty.  You can zoom in close with your camera lens.  Or you can crop your photo after the fact to get the up close and personal look.

via jcoterhals on flickr

(4)Directly Above.  The first 3 styles had you down at your pet’s eye level.  If you want to get a cool shot standing up, might I suggest standing right over your pet?  Look at that dead on face shot.

via Tiffany Ann at In Pursuit

My furbabies are my favorite models.  They are always adorable and always willing to pose.  What are your favorite ways to photography pets and animals?


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  1. I don’t have a pet but great tips…I feel these ideas can be used for photographing kids too. The do move around quite a lot just like puppies 🙂 Thanks for posting this!!

  2. So, that last photo is via me, not Steven Geyer. 🙂

    • OMG.. so embarrassed. My appologies Tiffany Anne. It is fixed now. Thanks so much for letting me know. And might I add… adorable photo!

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