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Samsung Fixed My Galaxy Tab 10.1 Newton Ring

March 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab Newton RingThe infamous Newton Ring.  I first reported getting the newton ring last summer when we hit the warmer weather.  At first it wasn’t such a big deal.  I put the tab in the refrigerator for a couple minutes.  Sometimes I would forget it in there over night.  It didn’t matter the time.  It took care of the problem, and I went on my merry way.

Then I vacationed in super hot and humid Vietnam.  Not only did the newton ring return, it was out to destroy my Galaxy Tab using experience.  The ring was the largest it had ever been.  I decided it was time to get the darn thing fixed.  I contacted Samsung support.

I used Samsung Support chat.  It was pretty simple and straight forward.  They seemed to be aware of the situation but didn’t indicate how they would fix the problem.  They emailed me a UPS label (pre-paid).  I quickly realized that I had no idea what to send them and how to package it all up.  I searched the net.  I contacted Samsung Support via twitter in hopes of getting some information.  Sadly, Samsung via twitter is not as quick of a response as some companies that I have worked with.  However, they did check in with me.

Work got busy, I forgot to send in the tab.  They canceled the UPS slip.  So I called them to get a new UPS slip.  Luckily, the man on the phone gave me all the necessary information.  If you are sending in your Galaxy Tablet 10.1, this is what you do…

1.Make sure to back up all data on your tablet.  Mine came back having had a factory reset. Zero data.

2. Use the original product box if you still have it.  If you don’t have the original box, take the tablet to the UPS store.  The UPS staff will package it for you.

3. Include the power cord with the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Factory FixI am most happy about how the product was packaged on its return trip.  Stolen packages as been a problem at my apartment building.  I like the tape on the package that states “if seal is broken, check contents before accepting”.  The tablet was put in my original box with all of the items I sent out.  The box was placed in a UPS bubble envelop.  An extra bubble envelop was rolled up to fill out the box.

It looks like the screen was replaced.  I’m assuming it is not a new tablet because it came in my original box that I sent out.  I’ve had the tablet back for 4 days and have no experienced any newton rings.  I will keep you posted as the weather warms up this week.

Early evaluation is good.  I’m happy I got it fixed.  I’m happy that the ring has not returned.

Has anyone else had their newton ring situation fixed?  Are you happy with the result and the service you received?


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  1. I’m glad they were so great to work with and you got a fixed tablet back!

  2. Glad to hear it came back and is now working well. Hope the issue doesn’t return!

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