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Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2012

image via Kristen & Kayla: A Photo Journal of 2 Sisters

The photos on the Kristen & Kayla blog are amazing.  Jason of JLW Photography does an amazing job of creating beautiful images of his daughters.  They are always inspiring and creative.

Don’t forget to wear green y’all!  Why?  Because it’s the only day of the year when physically hurting one another is socially normative.

Side story: When I worked in an elementary school with a large immigrant and refugee population, St. Patrick’s Day was probably one of the most difficult to explain.  Many of these kids got in trouble regularly for “touching” other kids.  But on St. Patrick’s Day, other kids “touched” them.  When they told the teacher, the teacher said it was “okay, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day.”  Try explaining that one after months of being told “In America, we don’t hurt one another like that.”  Eventually, the school decided to make little clovers for all kids to pin to their shirt at the start of the day. 

Do you have any St. Patty’s day stories to share?


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