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March Madness in a Techy Home

March 15, 2012

This is how a techy home does March Madness y’all.  We have the laptop connected to our TV.  We don’t have cable, so this is how we normally watch our television.

NCAA is providing live streams of all the games for a low $3.99 for all games.  While cheap, it is a bit annoying that NCAA streamed all the games for free viewing last year.  Given the quality, we will not be complaining too much.  It’s worth it.

Hubs brought out his laptop and monitor.  Friend also brought a laptop.  Friend also bought access to the games so that he can watch from his Android phone and when at home.  Th games will be playing for the rest of the month.  Hence, “March” madness.  With Hub’s laptop, we extended the screen.  Each monitor is playing a different game.  Volume is only coming from the main TV.  This lets us see if we need to switch to another game quickly.

Interestingly, NCAA does not allow viewers to switch games during the commercials. Yes, there are commercials.  In other words, they are forcing viewers to watch the commercials.  If you want to switch between games, you have to do so during the game.  This is a bit annoying.  Again, the price is good and low.  I get that they need to cover the cost somehow.

Hubs is also running a pool using CBSsports.  I picked Michigan State and Syracuse to go to the final game.  I’ll go down my bracket picking strategy in another post.

Are you participating in March Madness?


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  1. So can you stream more than one game simultaneously by hooking up multiple monitors? My husband is a sports fanatic and simply will not cut cable until he is guaranteed all his sports can be online. Sigh.

    • Yes. You have to open up multiple browsers and sign in on them. Then they’ll each open up a new viewing browser for the game. In the photo, each monitor has a different game. That’s 4 games at once! And I still had one laptop that I was blogging on while everyone else watched the game. Just make sure you have good internet connection. We only had a connection problem once. Other than that, it was smooth sailing. It was a lot of fun!

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