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{Pinterest Wisdom} Screw Luck

March 10, 2012

Source: via Nodakademic on Pinterest

I love love love this Pinterest photo.  Screw the message of “The Secret” where all you need to do is visualize the future you want.  Visualization and confidence in one’s future is just one step.  You have to actually do the work and move yourself towards that goal.  For every obstacle you will encounter on your way there, you must work harder.  No, it isn’t fair that you may have more obstacles than others, but if you want to get past it, that is the reality of the situation.
Hang in there.  I know a lot of us are constantly overwhelmed.  Eye on the prize.  Appreciate the opportunity to try.  Believe in yourself.  And enjoy the ride.  No one said it would be easy, but they probably told you it would be worth it.
Happy Weekend, y’all!

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  1. Ha! Love these! So much more realistic and motivating than a lot of the signs I see on Pinterest 🙂

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