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Multitasking in Our Home

March 7, 2012
Multitasking with beer and kittyWho says you can’t work, listen to music, drink beer, and be there for your kitty?

Are we less focused and overdoing the multitasking?

In some homes, people reduce, refine, and refocus when they are overwhelmed.  In our home, we do the unhealthy thing.  We pile as many tasks on as we can.  In this photo, hubs is demonstrating how we do this.  He’s watching a TV show on his laptop while hanging out with our baby girl Jade and chillaxing with his beer.  Thank goodness he isn’t working while listening to music, drinking, and hanging our our baby girl.  That might be a bit more destructive.

Right now, our furbabies don’t seem to mind too much when we multitask.  They find the computer cursor quite entertaining and a bit perplexing.  It’s Magic!  You should see them trying to swat at the monitor.  Dangerous behavior around expensive electronics.

The intellectual part of me knows that this style multitasking is not healthy and can lead to feeling disconnected.  The practical part of me says, “Who the heck cares.  We’re happy and it works for us.  So pssch posh and go mind your own bees wax.”  Did I mention, I currently have 7 tabs open in my browser?

Okay, okay. I’m on yet another active personal challenge to focus in more and multitask less.  If I blog it, it is true, right?

Are you a multitasking wizard too?  What does multitasking look like in your home?  Is it a problem?


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  1. Ahh, multitasking is definitely something that happens in our home too. I just can’t help it, and feel like im wasting time if I only do one thing at a time. 😛 most times I don’t think its a problem but too much gets overwhelming! Good luck in your efforts!

  2. That picture cracks me up! I know that multitasking might be “bad,” but I am just as guilty. I always have the computer open, the TV on, the dog toy in one hand, and probably something else too. Hey, I somehow manage… 😉

  3. We are total multi-taskers! We very rarely are just doing one thing in our home.

  4. Funnily enough, right now I’m drinking coffee, on my laptop, Pandora is playing, and my kitty is resting her head on my arm.

    I say if multitasking works for you, don’t knock it! Or at least during the work week!

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