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SkimLinks – Monetizing

March 1, 2012

You’ve heard me complain about the troubles of switching from Free to self-hosted  It has been time consuming and pretty confusing.  It has also been expensive.  I was lucky enough to get a really good deal with a referral from a blog friend (Thanks Jenny), but I have had to pay for my site name (again!), pay to retrieve a file I accidentally deleted (did that too), and for the hosting.  This blogging hobby is starting to cost more then I thought.

I also don’t see myself going back to the free site.  I really like the amount of customization and control I have.  I’m really enjoying the many plugins that I can add.

This entire blurb thus far is just making a case for my decision to add Skimlinks to Our Wired Lives.  Skimlinks is a marketing tool that is affiliated with over 17,000 different merchants.  It works as a plugin to the site and automatically links merchant sites when I type product words and link to them.  This allows me to earn a small commission.  Of course, Skimlinks takes a commission.  After all, they are the ones that created the program and worked on obtaining all their affiliate companies.

For you, the reader, nothing will change.  I will still be writing all the content.  I will still link to products that I mention.  The only difference is that someone will be rewarding me for the clicking around that you do.  I have it set to only pick up links “minimally”.  If it becomes annoying, I’ll stop using it.

In a couple months, I’ll return with a more complete review about how it’s going and whether it actually pays to join and install Skimlinks.



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