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Alternative Uses for Binder Clips

February 14, 2012

Binder clips aren’t just for organizing paper in the office anymore.  Try some of these different ways of using the binder clip.

(1) To organize the fridge. Try using them in your refrigerator to stack your beers, cans, etc. Use a big clip and clip underneath the wire.



(2) Organize your cords on the side of your desk. Remove the metal piece, slip the cord in the metal, replace the metal, then clip on the edge of your desk.  I’ve had trouble using this technique on desks that don’t have an overhang.  But it works just as use clipped to something on your desk.



(3) To organize your linens.  I really like this idea for sets of linens.  I haven’t gotten to try this technique, but I also see being able to label each clip for additional organizing beautifulness.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest



(4) As a money clip and key chain. At the start of our relationship, Hubs used this technique.  He would use a blinder clip as a money clip.  it’s simple and easy.  If you mess it up or loss it, it is easy to replace.  For this fashionista, it’s not cute enough.  However, I use the binder clip technique when I’m using a small clutch and need to keep my monies and cards together inside the clutch.



What other repurposing ideas do you have for binder clips?


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  1. These are brilliant ideas!

  2. I hadn’t seen the one for the fridge before — that’s brilliant!

  3. Genius! I especially love the cord one!

  4. I love the beer example… but I’m not sure how the clip can go around the key.

    • You need to take the metal hook out to slip the key in. I have to do that to get the cords into the metal part too.

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