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Clutch Instead of a Wallet

February 9, 2012

Screw the small wallets that I had previously been considering.  They only hold cards and cash.  It turns out, I actually wanted a clutch more than a wallet.  I started searching for a new clutch and found these online.

(1) Railroad Denim Envelop Clutch by Rugby for $98

(2) Wide-Stripe Envelop Clutch by Rugby for $98

(3) Lodis Astor Edith Cluth from Nordstrom for $88.90

I realized that I love the envelop style.  Even more, I noticed my love for clutches that could be carried during the day.  The contrasting colors and fabrics.  Love.  And then… I heard about the Jason Wu for Target collection.  Uh.. be still my heart for $29.99.

I sure hope the search is over.  I’ll report back when the Target shipment arrives.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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