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Turn Old Paper into New Pencils

February 3, 2012

Source: via Myan on Pinterest


This is the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor by Yanko Design.  You insert waste paper.  The machine rolls the paper really tightly around pencil lead, and it uses glue to seal everything.  Then bam!  Out comes a pencil.  Your old paper waste is now a new pencil.

I search the internet and the Yanko Design store for the price of this machine, but I couldn’t find any information.  It doesn’t seem to be on sale quite yet.  Even son, I’m also guessing that this isn’t going to be the most economical way of getting extra pencils around the office, it appears to be a neat way to reuse and purpose paper. 

I couldn’t find the Office Waste Paper Processor for sale, but I did discover a bunch of other innovative designs by Yanko.  Check out these.

This is My Eco Can.  It’s available in red, black, blue, white, or green for $13.

This folding colander is genius!  It stores flat!  It’s $24, but currently out of stock.

Would you buy any of these?


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  1. I *heart* Yanko Design! However, I do get disappointed whenever they feature something and I click on over to discover that it’s just concept art, like it looks to be the case with this Waste Paper Processor. 😦

  2. I would totally buy that colander! What an awesome way to save some cabinet space!

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