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Wallet Style

January 29, 2012

How do you stash your cash?

I’ve been asking myself this question and realizing that my wallet has taken on a lot of different forms through the years.  Let’s walk through history and see.

First we have the magic wallet.  The magic wallet is awesome.  It’s small, slim, and fits in your back pocket.  See the magic of the magic wallet in this video.

I’ve owned cheap eBay versions of this wallet as well as the well-made and coveted J.Crew version here.

Leather Magic Wallet from J.Crew for $24.50

The J.Crew one is actually still in my possession after 8 years of use.  I like it a great deal.  Its best features can also be its demise.  If you like to stuff receipts in your wallet, this is not the best wallet for looking organized and put together.  The paper will stick out and look messy.

The magic wallet was great when I was a student.  I didn’t have much money, nor many cards to carry.  I only needed a debit card, bank card, drivers license, and my school ID.

As I got older and more cards, I moved to a wallet that held more. 

(2) Crd Case/Zip Pckt by Shirise for $38

This simple, long, and clean case with a zippered pooch design is great for carrying many cards while having a concealed and zippered pooch to hold your cash, coins, and messy crumpled receipts.  After a couple years of use, the leather began to stretch and look old.  The clasp started to lose it’s hold.  I had to move on.

(3) Hinge Wallet from Wet Seal for $8.50

My current wallet is similar to this one pictured.  Mine is actually from Target.  It’s a hinge wallet.  The hinge wallet has a metal frame and a plastic like material wraps around the metal.  It has a metal clasp.  This design works well if you want to hold a bit more than your cards and cash.  I have been known to throw my cell phone inside it.  Because of this stuffing habit, I have now stretched this wallet.

This wallet has worked well because I have many many cards, including business cards that I have to collect while out and about.  The beauty of this wallet is it’s ability to hide all my clutter and old receipts.  It makes me look more put together than I would otherwise appear.

I’m in search of a new wallet.  And I’m looking for an even larger one now.  Is size an indicator of age?  It seems that I keep wanting larger and larger wallets.

What kind of wallet do you carry?


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  1. I love the target hinged wallets, but I never seem to get my stuff in it properly (it won’t close for me). I guess I hoard too much?! I currently carry a wallet like the red one you have in your post. I’ve owned 3 or 4 of these, mostly bought at Target. (I have one by fossil also, but I like the target ones more.) Looking for a change, I recently bought this wallet.
    It has not arrived yet, but I hope I will like it! I wanted more pockets than the old card wallet has because like you, I have lots of cards to keep track of. And I really liked that this particular wallet has a few slots on the outside for frequently used cards. So I hope I will like it! It’s hard to buy a wallet online.

  2. I have a little red wallet, which you’d think would keep me organized but really I just throw everything in my purse. Purse-wallet? :P. So messy! The polka dot wallet is cute..

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