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Kitty Vs. Vacuum

January 22, 2012

Our kitties are afraid of the vacuum.  So when I saw this video of a kitty that seems fascinated with the vacuum, I completely fell over in laughter.  So odd. 

Are your pets afraid of the vacuum cleaner?


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  1. Oh my word, this is so funny! My dog is scared of the vacuum! She doesn’t bark at it, but she will run from it if it comes near.

  2. Ooooh yes. And when we still had the Roomba, he used to freak out even more — so much so that I had to keep them in different rooms! This reminded me of a cartoon I posted a while back:

  3. All my cats run from the vacuum except my pure white cat with one green and one blue eye. He looks just like a Norwegian forest cat and he is a brave hunter. He plays with my English Setter- a hunting dog. Once in a while he will sit on my canister vacuum while I pull it along, then that slows my progress down.

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