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Back from Vietnam

January 20, 2012

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Hello blog friends!  I hope you missed me because I missed you.  Hubs and I spent a wonderful 2.5 weeks in Vietnam visiting family. 

I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts from some of my blogging buddies.  Thank you, blogging friends, for writing for the blog.

While in Vietnam, I posted some pictures from the countryside.  Terryn guessed correctly that my set of photos here were of my uncle smoking fish!IMG_0046-1IMG_0042-1

After smoking the fish, you need to scrap off the burnt parts.


Et voila! There’s your fish.  It’s ready to be consumed. Don’t eat the charred pieces.  The flesh of the fish is moist and smoked to perfection!

As a very technology and wired life driven person, it was really great to get back to the root of life.  This very simple way of cooking did not require fancy stoves, nor fancy cooking oil, nor fancy pots.  It didn’t even need a timer.  When the fire was out, the food is cooked.  I really enjoyed learning more about how most of my extended family live.  In 2012, I would like to find ways to for Our Wired Lives to live in balance our wired-ness with the less-wired life.

Do any of you have plans to incorporate the simpler non-wired ways into your life? Any tips or suggestions?


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  1. I’ve started declaring Sundays as my (mostly) technology-free days. This sounds silly, but I bought a paint-by-number (the one I got is actually really hard!) After we get home from church, I sit in the dining room and paint & listen to music. It’s nice to get away from the computer that I’m so constantly glued to!

  2. That fish was delicious. I just finished licking my fingers clean.
    I try to visit my local Zen center a few times a week as I dash between errands and meetings. After cancer 2 1/2 years ago, I needed to find a way to balance myself physically and emotionally. Zen meditation affects every part of my day- not just the the time I am there. It helps me cope with stress, soothes me when I am distressed and makes me a happier person. You can’t get a simpler solution than peace and quiet.

  3. Tearing ourselves away from the computer, cell phones, etc. every now and then is such a good thing =) I’m hoping I can challenge myself to take a couple hours each week to just spend outdoors doing, well, anything — going to the beach, hiking, whatever I feel like doing. I really want to take the time to explore Oahu while we’re living here. I do know that I will always have my camera on me though…I can’t resist not taking it, haha.

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