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Guest Blog| Everyday Adventures – Music to My Ears (and Yours)

January 16, 2012

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Today’s guest blogger is Allie from Everyday Adventures.  I met Allie during my Wedding blogging days over at Weddingbee.  You might remember her as Mrs. Hyena.  On her blog, she writes about life as a newlywed, including attempted home projects, cooking experiments and my general misadventures.

I’ve had three different cell phones in my lifetime. When I was a teenager and cell phones were just becoming super popular at my high school, polyphonic ringtones were all the rage. My parents were always bugging me and my sister about spending money wisely, so my dad wouldn’t let me purchase a cool ringtone unless I paid him back for the $3 on our family phone bill. In the end … three bucks wasn’t worth it to me.

But the summer before I went to college, I was the proud recipient of the then-coveted Razr phone. And it was pink.

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I felt so cool with that phone, and I decided my cool new phone should get a custom ringtone, whether I would be $3 poorer or not. I had to choose carefully, because I was not about to owe my dad more than $3 over the lifetime of that phone. After much deliberation, I settled on Taylor Swift’s “Our Song.”

I didn’t have a real reason for doing so, but the other contenders were Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat, and I thought it would take me longer to get tired of T.Swift. (Four years of that ringtone, and I never got sick of it!)

Right before I graduated college, I finally upgraded to an iPhone 3G, and this time I wasn’t worried about paying to customize my ringtone. I’d figured out that if I already had a song in iTunes, I could haul it into GarageBand on my computer, trim it to the requisite 30 seconds and upload it to my phone fo’ free. So I chose the ever-popular Black-Eyed Peas tune, “I Gotta Feeling.”

Now it’s a few years later and within the past month, I’ve heard from multiple people that this song is no longer cool and that the Black-Eyed Peas suck, whenever my phone rings. So I started thinking about what I should replace it with. IF I should replace it at all. (I still like it! We’ve gotten quite attached!)

The problem is that I have a ridiculously hard time narrowing my options down. I like pretty much every music genre — country, oldies, ’80s rock, pop, classical, hip hop, alternative — but unless it’s played in heavy rotation on the radio, or used in a TV commercial, I probably haven’t heard it.

What songs should I consider for a new ringtone? What is yours? And what was the best/most embarrassing ringtone you’ve ever had?


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  1. Jess permalink

    Mine for my Husband is our first dance song, and for everyone else it is Ingrid Michelson “You and I”

  2. Mine is Tom Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’. My husband cut it down for me and looped it a few times so it is just the opening musical bit, none of the lyrics. I love it, but if that song comes on in a store it does cause me a few moments of confusion.

  3. For years I used the sex and the city theme music, I still go looking for a phone when I hear it. Now that I’m in an office setting I just use a ring, mainly because my co-worker’s “song” annoys me so much.

  4. Oh I remember the polyphonic ringtones back in high school. I actually have different songs for different people – for my brother I have “It take two”, for my husband it’s “hypnotize” (I lost “spend my life with you” after the last upgrade and have been too lazy to get it back), for my default it’s Fall Out Boy’s “the take over, the break’s over”. I don’t hear the ringtones as much since my phone always seems to end up on vibrate. I don’t think it was too embarrassing, but I used to have Danity Kane’s Damaged as my default.

    • Ha! I totally forgot Danity Kane was a thing! My phone rings on vibrate more often than not these days too.

  5. With my first Nokia, you could compose your own ringtone on the phone! I found the “notes” to Hedwig’s Theme, from Harry Potter, and that was my ringtone! I never paid for one, but if I did, it’d probably be that again. Now I’m on Virgin Mobile with a Kyocera Loft and I’m stuck with the generic ringtones that the phone has pre-programed onto it.

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