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Guest Blog | Hemborg Wife–My Love Affair with Macs

January 9, 2012

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Today’s guest post comes from blog friend Bailie of Expat in Training – Hemborg Wife.  Bailie is a SoCal native living in Sweden and blogging about her life there.  I’m excited to have a Mac person on this blog.  As most of you already know, I’m a PC.

Hello, I am Bailie from where I blog about life in Sweden, cooking, reading and all else that comes along with being a housewife in a foreign land!

I was super excited to be guest blogging then I quickly realized I am not the least bit technology savvy and had a minor freakout! Then I started thinking that I deal with two techno type things daily my iPad and Spotify. Then I also realized I actually know very little about Spotify. My husband has it all set up so all I do is press play!

I became an Apple person when I received my first computer. It was a mid to late 80’s desktop my great grandfather had, and he was moving up and I was thrilled. It was a black and green screen but I could play some basic games and best of all print out pictures and banners. I loved that I was fully in charge of printing on the awesome paper with holes along the side and would spend hours checking out the basic graphics to see how best to accent Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

I do not remember when but somewhere along the line we got rid of that computer. Then around 13 I was gifted my second handy me down computer, my family hates to throw things away, and it was a PC. I can tell you I hated that thing, even though I could use dial up internet and send the three people I knew with email addresses my awesome early teen thoughts were that I was not a fan. Something about that old Mac spoke to me, and I needed to have more.

When I turned 16 I got my first job at Mervyn’s and saved and saved to get an iMac G4. It was the one where you could swivel the screen around on a silver pole and the base was a half sphere sorta thing. I  think it was about 7 months. This was 2001, and Mervyn’s was in no way a high paying job. I had enough saved to go to the shiny Apple store at Crystal Court and purchase that gleaming prize of a computer.


This was the only picture I could find of it and I had to take a picture of it and you can see my teenage bedroom complete with shirtless boy pictures and me holding a copy of Cliff Notes!

Either way that computer was amazing, I wrote millions of IM’s and reports on it through till I moved out of my parents house in late 2007. It is now sitting in a closet at my grandparents, and I would to bring it up to speed with wireless internet and the likes.  Either way I do not think I will ever willingly be able to part with it!

After that I had 2 laptops that I liked just fine and traveled the world with me but they did not have that snazzy factor of the G4 then one day I saw an iPad commercial. O it was amazing small but shiny and I could have it all to myself seeing as my husband needed the laptop for school.

I was older though then when the G4 came out and shelling out over $500 for a new gadget seemed just to much after the wedding and honeymoon. However every time a commercial would come on my husband was privy to a ten minute soliloquy on why I needed it, how we could afford it, and I bet all the cool kids had it. The next commercial would come around and I would start a different ten minute soliloquy on why I did not need it, how it cost too much, and really just because other people had them does not mean I had to.

After about two months of that my husband looked at me and said enough already you are getting one. Well who was I to complain, we went to the mall and in half an hour I was the proud owner of an iPad.

I have had it now for almost a year and everyday I or my husband use it and while I love the laptop for uploading pictures and blogging I love how I can curl on the couch or lay in bed with the iPad.

One of the big reasons I was pro getting one at first was because we were moving to Sweden. It would give me easy access to English books and news. While I do have CNN, BBC, NPR, and ABC news apps which I read daily to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, I do not read books on it. Right before our flight to Sweden I downloaded a book that I had really been wanting to read, and I felt snazzy reading on the plane with my iPad. I was able to finish about half the book due to the trips length.  Once we were in Sweden, I did not care to finish reading the book on the iPad. I know if it would have been a paper book I would finish but because I could just close it and not think about it again, I have not.

As of now, our two person family is home to an iPod mini, iPod Touch, iPad, and MacBook Pro. No iPhones though. As much as I love our Apple products, I really do not see why I would need an iPhone as a housewife in a country where I know all of ten people!

Are you a PC or Mac fan?


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  1. Kathy permalink

    My family had computers in the house…all PCs But in school we had Macs and when I left for college my parents bought me an iMac! I was in heaven no more PCs, since then for my personal computer I just can’t bring myself to purchase a PC. Ick! But love my iPhone! Since my laptop (that I also purchased in college) recently died, my iPhone has been my only Apple connection and I need to have it to keep me sane in this PC world! Great post! Thanks Bailie!

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