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Pinterest Wisdom | Greener Grass

January 4, 2012


The grass always seems greener on the other side only if you are constantly comparing yourself to other people.  Comparing can be really dangerous.  I prefer this statement.  The grass is greener wherever you devote your energy to cultivating.  Work that grass, and make it greener.  Stop with the comparing.  It only leads to never ending unhappiness because there’s always someone else to compare to. 


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  1. I live by that rule. I have brought my children up to understand that even if someone looks like they “have it all” or seem perfect, that is not the case. Every person has a strength and a weakness, it is just that some peoples strengths or weaknesses are initially more obvious than others.

  2. …awesome, thanks for sharing. This was actually a conversation I had with a friend tonight after dinner! Talk about crazy timing!

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