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Font Choice- Does it define you?

December 15, 2011

Source: via Julia on Pinterest


Uh oh, are you all thinking about this?  I saw this pin on pinterest and thought, “should I reconsider my font choices?” I made conscious choices for my blog so that it would fit the scheme and theme.  However, my standard in my day-to-day life is definitely less of a conscious choice.  Does my font choice (or passive choice even) define me? 

What’s your standard font?  For work, my standard is Times New Roman.  What does that say about my work life?  Someone… judge me.  Then tell me what I should use to show that I am professional, modern, creative, intelligent, and with a nod to vintage and traditional.  I’ll consider that font change for 2012.

Any font suggestions?


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  1. I’m a Tahoma girl, because that was my first boss’s preferred font. I’m just not very good with change, I guess – even as it relates to font!

  2. I change the font depending on my mood, but I usually stick to a pretty simple one. Times New Roman is a go-to for me too!

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