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Guest Blogging

December 13, 2011

Guest Blog Invite-1Guest blogging refers to a post that is written by a “guest” of a blog.  The writer is not part of the main writing team for that particular blog.  Typically, the writer is only writing one post.  The post may be new material or previously posted material.

Why have guest bloggers?

A blog may have guest bloggers for many reasons.  The main reason to have guest bloggers is to fill your blog with posts during times when you and your writing team are unable to publish your usual number of posts.  Guest bloggers help to fill the void.  Second, guest bloggers also allow you to introduce your readers to other blogs that they may like to read and follow.

Why guest blog?

Bloggers can introduce themselves to new readers though guest blogging.  This is a particularly good idea if the blog you are guest blogging for has a similar audience.  Guest blogging is also a friendly gesture for your fellow bloggers.  Because many bloggers use guest blogging as a way to fill their publishing void, it is helpful to have generous blog friends who are willing to offer guest posts.

Want to try guest blogging?

You’re in luck, I’m looking for some guest bloggers to post on Our Wired Lives.  If you’re interested, send me an email at and I’ll send you additional information.


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  1. I’d love to contribute but I’m so sleep-deprived these days that my inspiration and creativity are barely existant. If you have any particular topics you’d like covered, I can do my best to contribute.

    • I would absolutely be honored if you contributed! I’m very open to topic ideas. Since you’re baby focused right now, and I have no experience in that arena, what about a post about how have children has affected (or not) your technology use, philosophy on technology/internet, maybe your philosophy on media for your children. I’m totally open!

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