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WEverb11 Day 8–Choose

December 8, 2011

#WEverb11 Day 8 prompt is from Melissa (

#8: Choose

What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?

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This year, I made the tough decision to accept that I am a perfectionist and to start dealing with what that means.

I had made up so many reasons why I wasn’t a perfectionist.  I’m lazy.  I’m constantly finishing things last minute.  I procrastinate a whole lot.  blah blah blah.  What I didn’t realize was that these are all the ways that I protect myself.  When things don’t work out, I have these excuses to fall back on.  Of course I didn’t get that something.  I was being lazy. Being a perfectionist doesn’t mean that you need perfection.  It’s more than that.  It’s also the protecting that you do.  It’s the trying to preserve your self-esteem by making sure you always have a fall back excuse.  By having that “Of course, I didn’t do well.  I was lazy and procrastinated” I am constantly preparing for failure.  The cycle is relentless and tiresome.  I strive for perfection and simultaneously prepare for failure. That’s two jobs!  Who has the energy?

Accepting that I am a perfectionist and have these tendencies has been freeing.  It’s taken me a while to own the label.  I’m not ashamed of it anymore.  It’s just a part of who I am.  Trying desperately to prove to everyone that I wasn’t a perfectionist took far more energy than I had.  It’s been a lot easier to accept it, deal with it, and move on.

Hi, I’m Our Wired lives and I’m a perfectionist.  I constantly strive to be my version of perfection, and I have a tendency to focus on the inevitable failure.  I’m choose to continue working on letting go of this perfect-failure duality.

Are you a perfectionist too?  Have you dealt with your perfect-failure duality?


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  1. Oh I am TOTALLY a perfectionist and afraid of failure. I didn’t think about it until you wrote it, but I too procrastinate at times and/or always have an excuse or backup plan should things not go according to plan. Thanks for making me recognize that!

    • You’re welcome. It’s so difficult to self-reflect about these types of things. Welcome to the club.

  2. I remember my mom told me years ago that I was a perfectionist and I took it as a compliment. But, she was actually trying to warn me that, unless I learned to manage it, I was bound to be frustrated. She was a wise woman. My name is Kim…I am a perfectionist. nice to meet you.

    • Hi Kim. I hope you’ve learned to deal with it. Feel free to throw your lessons and tips my way.

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