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{Photography Tips} Importance of Cropping

November 16, 2011

Katie Evans Photography wrote about photo makeovers and the importance of not underestimating the potential of photos.  It made me think about the many photos that I have been able turn from blah to beautiful simply by cropping out everything that is cluttering up the good parts of the photo.  Check out some of these before and after shots.

Croping Example
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To increase the chances that you have useable photos after cropping, make sure you take the photos in the highest resolution possible.  This is good for all types of cameras, point and shoots included.  Some people shoot in lower resolutions to increase the number of photos their memory cards hold.  I don’t recommend this strategy because you may end up with fewer usable photos.

With higher resolution photos, I can crop in really close to cut out all the messiness or clutter in the photo.

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Or you can get adventurous with your cropping and try new perspectives all together.  Xena’s eyes are not equally lit in this photo.  I decided to take your crazy straight on stare cropped close up and focus on the one day.

You don’t need any fancy programs to give this simple trick a try.  Most photo printing sites and free software like Picasa offer cropping for free.

Challenge yourself to try changing a photo by cropping the heck out of it.  You might amaze yourself by the endless possibilities!

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