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Occupy Protest at Harvard

November 14, 2011


Last Wednesday, the Occupy protests hit Cambridge, MA and Harvard more specifically.  Harvard Yard has a small but important group of Occupy protestors.


Hubs was caught in the mist of the big protest on Wednesday as he tried to walk through the yard to come home.  The protest was a lot larger then.  This group of protestors are sticking to it.


They survived a rainstorm early in their protest.  I’m impressed at their resolve.  I hope it stays warm enough for them to keep at it.


Hubs mentioned that there are Harvard students participating in the protest.  While most of them are still attending classes, they are participating and making sure they receive the attention.

Our Wired Lives hears you.  It is important that students participate in movements and leave their safe college bubbles.  You are not just the movers and shakers of tomorrow.  You are the leaders, movers, and shakers of TODAY!  Rock on!


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  1. I’m just impressed that the occupy protesters here are sticking it out even now, after a few snowfalls!

  2. I’m kind of torn about this. While I think activism is fantastic, it seems a little hypocritical to me for students at Harvard, many of whom are probably living off their parents’ money and having their many, many thousand dollar tuitions paid for them, to be protesting the “1%.”

    • I know what you mean, I was conflicted too. This was until I learned that Harvard actually has many more scholarship students that most of us know about. As you in see in the photos, it looks to be Harvard janitorial staff that are protesting (or maybe protesting on their behalf). The number of protestors is small. I hope that Harvard students who are not from privileged backgrounds feel like they can protest and not be judged by their more well-to-do peers.

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