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Sites to Cheer You Up

November 12, 2011

Today is Friday and it’s 1-11-11.  With all the sadness and madness in the world, sometimes you just need to have some happy gushy cheer you up kind of information.  I have different categories of happy stories for the different types of unhappy that I go through.

I present to you, the cheer you up sites.

When I have had enough news on the horrible things that humans are capable of, I go to these happy human stories to remind myself that the human race is also capable of amazing and happy things.

Sweet Baby Photo Blog

Happy News

Moment Junkie

When you’re feeling bored and lethargic, baby animals and cute furry things can typically cheer me up.  Try these out for size.

The Daily Puppy

Itty Bitty Kitty Community

Cute Overload

Zoo Borns

And for the fellow academic who needs to be reminded that grad school ends and that the experiences and emotions you are encountering are somewhat of a rite of passage.  We have all been there, gotten through them, and you will too.

Ph.D. Comics

Don’t even get me started on the YouTube videos that cheer me up.  I’ve shared many of my favorites on the site before, but I’ll take this opportunity to remind you.  I’ll take any chance I get to repost them.  They are gems!

What are your fave cheer me up sites?  Share in the comments.


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  1. Whenever I’m feeling sad, my boyfriend sits me down and makes me watch cute videos of kittens and puppies on Youtube! Fool proof.

    Two sites I like (for very different reasons): (self-explanatory) (A girl blogs and vlogs on motivational topics)

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