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{Review} Samsung Galaxy Tab USB Adapter

October 30, 2011

Samsung USB Adapter

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab USB Adapter.  It cost $19.99 and is also lovingly called the IPad killer.  I insert it into my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I instantly use all sorts of USB devices.  I’ve had the adapter for over 2 months.  So far, I have used it to attach a keyboard, an external hard drive, and a flash drive.  It’s great when I don’t want to bring my laptop home and still need to do some heavy typing.  I brought it along to a conference once so that I could fix a large file that I had on a flash drive.  It has definitely been worth the $19.99 + shipping that I paid.

If you use the adapter to attach a keyboard, note that you’ll also need a way to stand the tablet up.  I have the Samsung leather cover and that works sufficiently well.

I don’t use it regularly, but it’s handy when I want to add a device quickly.  Final Verdict: I highly recommend adding this accessory to your arsenal if you’re a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 user.  I consider it a must-have!

October Photography Challenge:  Hey participants!  I’m multi-tasking on this post.  I’m writing my review of this adapter as my Day 17 post for technology.  For this photo, I made a collage of 4 photos, one of each side of the adapter.  I used the Print feather in Lightroom to create the image and watermark it.

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