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October Photo Challenge Day 12: Sunset

October 15, 2011


I’m skipping around a little, but that’s the way I roll.  I do things as they suit me.  Life and work is getting busy, so I’ll share with you a photo taken by a friend at our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner last year.  The photo already looked pretty good, but I gave it a boost using Lightroom. 

I’m finding that this challenge is not only about the art of snapping the photo.  for me, it’s also been about he art in editing the photo.

Are you editing your photos or posting straight out of the camera?


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  1. Gorgeous photo! Makes me want to sit on a balcony watching the ocean with a glass of wine. And man, your hair was long!

  2. Lovely photo! 🙂

    I always edit some aspects of my photos… i find digital photography just needs some slight tweeks without them they don’t look like how you shot them! 🙂 (But that’s my opinion…. )

  3. I haven’t edited any of the photos that I’ve been posting on my blog other then adding a boarder around them. I’m very new to the whole editing programs.

  4. I’m discovering the same thing about editing. I always try to edit whatever I shoot, even if it’s just to brighten the photos up a bit. It’s so interesting to see the different ways you can change the mood of a picture just from editing. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the past year, and this challenge is helping me get even more hands on with it.

  5. Love the picture. You look so in love 🙂 99% of my pictures are edited. I usually give them a boost in Photoshop.

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