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October Photo Challenge Day 11: Something Blue

October 12, 2011


My sometime blue comes from this weekend’s hike up Monadnock Mountain in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.  We had a beautiful hike in 80 degree weather.  Even though the day’s photo is about blue, I couldn’t help but show off the beautiful New England foliage in this photo!  The view was worth every step to get to that summit.  Two days after the hike and I’m still feeling the pain.  We hiked and climbed 2,000 feet in 2.5 hours. 

Happy Fall and Something Blue.


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  1. Superb view!

  2. Mama Marcia permalink

    Lovely BLUE lake amongst the fall foliage!

  3. so beautiful! coincidentally, we went on a hike this past weekend as well–sounds like it was a great weekend to go hiking on the east coast.

  4. I love my Monadnock! I grew up hiking that at mountain a bunch with my dad and brother.

    • Can you tell me how it’s pronounce? I’ve noticed that my natural pronunciation of words is typically wrong.

  5. Happy Fall indeed. Beautiful.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous picture!

  7. I am impressed, I think if I hiked that my lungs would burst!

  8. Gorgeous colors!

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