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Day 2: What Your Wore

October 2, 2011


Today’s office consists of skinny jeans, a short sleeve turtle neck and fall time floral scarf.  Instead of showing you a picture of me awkwardly trying to pose, I figured the clothes would be clever enough.

I’m sure you had enough of my face yesterday.  If you didn’t, look at the top of the page and to your right.  Yeah, let’s stick to the clothes.

Photo taken on my Canon XSi on Manual, autofocus, at F/2.8 and 1/320 ISO1600.  I’m pretty sure the ISO is way too high.  I laid the clothes on my couch that sits by a large window.  I think I should have played with the settings a bit more.  Lessen the ISO, increase F-stop.  It seems to focus on a strange part of the photo.  Better luck tomorrow.


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  1. I thought about doing my picture like this too but I opted for clothes on but a bit far away and blurry! My mom always call pictures of clothes laid out like this they InStyle way since they often show clothes laid out instead of on models.

    • Yes yes.. I like your mom. I can definitely pretend like I was going for an InStyle layout instead of the on a model approach 😉

  2. I found when I’m in brighter light, I can crank down the ISO. That’s one thing that I try to set first, then set my other controls. I have a Canon T1i, so it’s essentially the same camera as you. It’s harder than it seems like it would be to figure out all the right settings, isn’t it? And I had to laugh at your comment about focus. I looked back at my self portrait photo and thought the same thing. I think I focused on my belly. AWESOME (not) place to focus. 🙂

    • jill’s right, the brighter the light, the lower the iso. if you’re outside in full sun, use iso 100. if you’re inside and just using an overhead light, you’ll probably need iso 1600 or higher. i bet you could’ve gotten away with an iso of 400 or 800 here. i would’ve lowered the iso and lowered the shutter speed instead of the aperture, but that’s just me–i like the blurry background from a low f-stop!

      love the scarf, by the way 🙂

  3. Hey there. I like your photograph but it never occurred to me that I could take my cloths odf and photograph them! Smart! =)

    Here comes my day 2:

  4. I LOVE FALL CLOTHING. I adore that scarf and I absolutely love this challenge. 🙂

  5. That scarf is beautiful 🙂

  6. Love the colors you chose and love the scarf!

  7. Worqshop permalink

    I like your idea of photograph, it’s really easy and tidy way to show clothes! I was also in purple today (well yesterday:)

  8. Amber Thornton permalink

    I love purple! I wish it was cold enough here for scarves. It is still pushing 100 most days.

  9. I love that you photographed your clothing instead of you wearing it. So original. Wish I would have thought of it 🙂

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