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Should You Delete Your Social Media Profile

September 21, 2011

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At first viewing, I was interested in this process.  It suggests the decision making process toward deleting your social media account that almost certainly ends with deleting your social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Friendster, MySpace).  I suppose it means that people who are considering deleting their profile will ultimately decide to go through with it.

While some people are considering the value of Facebook, my work in the academy is only now starting to come around to integrating with social media sites like Facebook.  In fact, many people are now calling on my “expertise” in social media and having me chair committees and task forces.  I had one colleague ask me to give her a lesson in using Facebook and setting the privacy settings.  She felt like not being on Facebook was actually preventing her from doing work.  Organizations that she belonged to wanted her to be able to create a group page for them and she didn’t have the knowledge.

Therefore, even though some people may be considering whether social media in general or Facebook specifically is appropriate for their personal use, it is becoming more and more a part of everyday work practices.  “Facebooking” has become a benefit in my work.

Blogging, on the other hand, is still slowly being integrated.

Does your day job require you to “Facebook”?


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  1. As I am currently a SAHM, my day job doesn’t technically require me to Facebook. (Aside from my mother, who constantly badgers me to post more pictures of Claire. 😛 )

    That being said, when I did work outside the home I worked in marketing. And when Facebook first began to blow up, with companies utilizing its services as well, our company hired a “Facebook expert” to come teach the department how to create a fanpage, how to comment, how to engage your fans, etc….basically, everything I already knew how to do! And the price of this “expert?” $25k. Seriously. I would’ve taught the entire department for half that, or even less!

    • WHAT?!?! That’s how much an “expert” can make? I might just add a tab on this site letting people know they can hire me for.. oh, you know, like $10k.

  2. I tried unplugging for a while an it was good for me, but I do use facebook and twitter for work all day. I started our facebook fan page and twitter accounts because no one else here knew how to manage them, and I’m the primary point person for all things social media (i should have asked for a raise!

    I recently created a private account so I could manage my company’s facebook page, and I’m thinking about ditching facebook again based on their newest updates… (annoying!)

    • Changes in things we use regularly always bug me too. I’ve thought about ditching facebook too, but it’s too hard when you live so far away from your dearest friends and family. Facebook really does make it a lot easier. You should definitely ask for that raise though!

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